"I think bad taste is wanting to be too 'fashionable', accumulating too many brands, and wanting to look like someone you are not."
- Carole Rochas

Mango MNG - The Perfect Guest

MNG launched a new collection named The Perfect Guest; with delicate classic gowns for special occasion.
I am thinking black tie events, wedding parties, bridesmaid, or even the bride.
Drape and flowing long skirt with classic silhouettes, detailed pleates, adorned with embellishment, soft colors or bold blue ; these are the criteria for looking fabulous without being loud.

A tune

it's amazing how a tune can make me feel
with it's imaginary string latched unto my heart
each beat resonate into my heart
listen with your heart

this is

mirror image

pic credit : y(a)ppie

A welcoming coincidence :)

 (back when my hair was much shorter)

A local cafe

The year is ending soon, everything feels laid back despite the busyness at work. Just a lingering feeling in my heart.
Over the weekend, my bff and I went downtown. Mostly because we wanted to visit this huge mall in the city centre and at the same time drop by this much talked about LOKL (read : local) cafe in the midst of KL city.
It's a small cafe adjoined to a hostel.
I like how the light reflected in this picture. It was a slow evening.

I bought this Topshop necklace eons ago, and this is the first time I am wearing it. Yikes!
dress - bYSI, necklace - Topshop [pics by y(a)ppie]

Head over to her blog before she accuse me of stealing :P @ http://mind-graffiti.blogspot.com/2012/12/local.html